My studio and creative process

Where do I paint and how the artists reality looks like

Where do I paint?

In my office, living room, kitchen...


Depends, if I am alone at home or where the desk is tidy at the moment 😉

Autumn romance process

This photo was taken, when I was painting during one of the summer storms. When it came, it was quite dark during the day, but I had some light from the window. Really enjoyed the mood of the weather 😊 I was working on a bigger piece that you can see in all kinds of different posts because it's been months, that I started it 😁 You can see this oil painting finished now in the eshop - Autumn romance 😉

I love it so much! This piece has really gone through some changes and my developing skills.

And this is how my space and creative mess looks like when I´m painting

Usually by the table now. I have my easel set up nicely, colors and brushes on the table, everything close by the hand.
Can´t forget the teas and coffees that I drink while painting. I´m getting better at not putting my brush in the cup anymore 😀

Painting on a beach during holidays

My office corner full of paintings

Organised table and drying paintings

My studio and creative process

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