Abstract painting is my art therapy

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Painting time is an hour or two dedicated entirely to my joy, passion and my mental health. 🙂

Aiyanna Dreams Art woman artist original painting

Lately, I’ve been painting mainly abstract art for myself. For my inner peace. Painting time for me is an hour or two dedicated entirely to my joy, passion and my mental health. 🙂

The more I paint, the more I manage to leave my expectations and perfectionism.

And I just play with different shades of colours. With the way they mix and move on the canvas, with the mistakes and drops of paint. This is abstract art 🙂

I have great joy when I look at the canvas from a distance during the process and see what I have created.

For me, painting is a process similar to therapy. And I know because I go to therapy for over 3 years now. That’s the interesting part of being a psychotherapist in training 😉

Abstract art is allowing me to see clearly – all my mental blocks. Those that I have gained at some point in the past.

It’s that voice in my head that is questioning everything that I do. Is it too colourful? Intense? Does it have any composition at all?

abstraktní obraz na prodej ručně malovaný

And then I have the opportunity to watch those colors dry.

And try an even more daring approach for the next canvas. Gradually, I understood, that those paintings don’t have to have a special meaning to them. I am free to paint just what I like. But also, a lot of times I figure out that the painting process itself was the meaning behind the artwork. Deep process of my self-discovery and this is giving the painting a meaning 🙂

So nowadays, I dare to paint as I see fit. I don’t worry if the artwork will be too sweet, unrealistic, silly, without a deeper meaning, etc.

This is what my current abstract art looks like. You can also see the newest paintings on my Instagram 😉

And in hindsight, I see that I am getting closer to myself with abstract paintings. I’m rediscovering my creative, cheeky creativity. And I really enjoy it 🙂

Painting brings me great joy and at the same time curiosity – what will my work look like in a year?

I am in love with abstract art right now

Here you can see my favourite colourful paintings. Most of them are acrylic or mixed media paintings on a stretched canvas. Some of them are on paper, beautifully framed. I especially love this summer abstract collection – Everyday Wonders.

Some of them are bigger, so they would look amazing in your living room, bedroom or kitchen. Some of them are small paintings, perfect as gifts for your family or friends. Can you imagine those little framed paintings over your desk in the office, giving you a little spark of joy every time you look at them?

All of these artworks are hand-made, hand-painted by myself 🙂 Original paintings are varnished and ready to hang. If you don’t fancy original paintings, you browse some of my fine art prints here. They come printed in high quality on paper or canvas.

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