Collection of smaller floral paintings

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These paintings are all inspired by beautiful flowers. When the spring is coming and you finally feel the beautiful scent of the nature waking up after the winter. This is how I feel 🙂

All of these oil paintings are a little bit different, but I tried to show the softness of the flowers. Flower petals in the air, poppies in the grass and a subtle light coming through the plants in the meadow.

Original paintings in the size of 30×30 cm can fit in all kinds of spaces, over the desk in your office or to your kid´s room.

If you´d have your own idea for a floral painting, commission me and I´ll paint one just for you. With your favourite flowers or a photo from your garden? Don´t limit your imagination.

Here you can enjoy the look that these paintings can create in the room.

  • floral paintings on the wall

They are all still available! 🙂

You can see the details of the artwork if you click on the individual painting. You can take a peek at how the painting would look in the room alone as well.

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