My first solo art exhibition

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paintings on the wall

I got a very nice offer to show my art in a space of Becausebook gallery in Brno. I couldn’t refuse! 😉 

original oil paintings Aiyanna

The best date, considering other events and such, was next week though…So on Monday, we decided we’ll do it! And next Friday the vernissage was supposed to happen.I was so glad there is Google and I could find and learn everything about organizing art exhibitions myself, from the labels, finishing artwork, flyers all the way to the vernissage.

I didn’t expect that much work, especially since I had to come up with the hanging system for my paintings – DIY style 😄 It was a strange, yet great feeling to pack most of my artwork and send it out to the world 🖼️🌍

And seeing them in a space, completely for them, hung professionally 😉 and with their own labels… It made me feel so proud 😇

I could fill the whole room! All of these paintings have been created in 2019.

9 months of my passion… 🥰

The vernissage was a very nice event and people really supported me. It’s always nice to hear the exact opposite of my insecure thoughts about my art…

So I would say, I am a little bit more sure about what I do now, and how other people can see my art. Even if I have moments of not creating good enough sometimes… 😉The exhibition will be there until 11.10., If you’re close, come to check it out 😉Address: Becausebook, Pekařská 41, Brno, Czechia.

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