Whispers of ink – creating a collection of original alcohol ink paintings and prints

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Although I was admiring alcohol ink paintings from other artists for quite some time now, I was resisting this medium. I didn´t want to buy more and more art supplies.

But the time has come and I couldn´t resist any more!
I have bought just a few colours of alcohol inks, Yupo paper (that is available only in 1 art supply store in Brno!) and started experimenting…

I love this abstract fluid feel of inks flowing. Dots they create, interconnecting lines, and when I learned how to use a blow dryer…. that wispy effect was what I was going for! 😛

That’s how the Whispers of Ink collection was made.

You can see that I was using a limited colour palette here.
When I realized, that I don’t want to buy more colours of inks, and I wrote that to one of my Instagram stories… and just 2 days later I was there again, in the store, buying more inks. Just 3 more! 😀 I am being very careful not to get addicted here…

modrá abstraktní malba ručně malovaná

Oh but they were worth it. Green, yellow, peach and another purple…. They look so nice together 😉

So I created 9 abstract paintings. It only took me 1 week of painting sessions, every day after work.

And then I especially enjoyed creating the visualizations of these alcohol ink paintings in the room. For their ethereal feel and abstract nature, they can really fit into different styles of rooms. Would you like to have the artwork of this style on your wall?

I also found a way to create fine art prints of these abstract pieces onto the canvas. If you’d like to have this abstract style of art on a bigger scale, try to look for the prints that I offer here as well. You can find different sizes of canvases or papers, that you can frame in your style.

My alcohol ink paintings – originals and prints

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